girltwist (jlapointe) wrote in xthemaplescrewx,

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love and high fives

here's to young street
downy level 5
monkey screeches
scaring strangers
and the pictures of them
introducing someone to all things croosh
and never living down your drunken shame
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here's to diarrea
to pictures of boobs on webcams
to falling asleep on dan's bed
to big buds
to good times with good friends
to the casino *bling bling*
meeting new downies from ottawa (aren't they all?!)
and never living down the ease in which i fall asleep.
here's to crazy people in travel information centres asking about honeymoons
here's to searching endlessly for a vegetarian buffet on a sunday afternoon
to watching videos of pube parties and meeting the legend herself
here's to making vegan cookies with eggs instead of bananas and bowling 10 pin
to team kev and kev's victory and the sister's revenge
to working on assignments and never getting a word down
too scared to play truth or dare jenga, introducing an old friend to camera dancing ways
here's to good times